About the Workshop Speaker:

Wayne B's sobriety date is the 8th of November 1977. He presented his first emotional sobriety workshop in Des Moines, Iowa, in the fall of 1990, and has since facilitated over 400 workshops to date in 2020.

Over the course of an emotional sobriety workshop weekend, Wayne will share, in a general way, what he was like when he was down and out in his cups, languishing in the somber, woebegone fields of broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken spirits, with seemingly no hope of escape – nor desire for rescue...

Speaker Bio

...of what happened at 7 years sober, and what he is like now as the result of his investigation into Bill W’s work with Father Ed Dowling and Dr. Harry Tiebout -- work that released Bill from the madness of depression, anxiety, and grandiosity -- and Wayne’s subsequent practical application of those efforts in his own sobriety.

If you are new to 12 Step recovery, returning to 12 Step recovery, or have a desire to be renewed in 12 Step recovery, or you are still suffering with alcoholism or some other ism-affliction condition, we want to take a moment to welcome you and to invite you to join us on the high road, to walk with us in the Fellowship of the Spirit as we pursue our next great adventure, that being Bill W’s “The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety”…

...Where broken hearts are received, inspired, and healed;
Where broken dreams are restored, and new dreams are born, worked toward, and realized;
Where broken spirits are on the mend, and mended, each and every day, one day at a time.

Wayne’s story is one of healing and transformation from the ravages of alcohol and the underlying soul-sickness in the spiritual disease of alcoholism: The ISM Factor...

...Of how he was awakened to the spirituality of life;
Of how he was empowered to rise up from the bottomless depths of despair, hopelessness, and futility;
Of how, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of defeat…he was lifted by the Grace of God and propelled by the Power
of Twelve Steps…to victory over alcohol and freedom from the bondage of self, albeit just for today.

As the result of being awakened to the spirituality of life, viewing life through a new pair of glasses, Wayne enjoys an open and free mind, a full and grateful heart, and a spirit filled with hopes and dreams and possibilities.

FYI: “A Magnificent Obsession” is the story behind Wayne’s “What’s The Point !?!? ~ Twelve Steps to Emotional Sobriety” workshop journey.

What’s The Point !?!?

The point is...that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines...the 12-Step way.

“Approaching the 12-Step way of life is like approaching a house of mirrors -- there are many directions to travel with paths that all look alike, yet each leads to it's own apparent destination.

As we venture in, we see some who appear to be traversing the glimmering pathways with seeming ease, while many others appear lost, without direction and out of control. We soon begin to sense, like those we see struggling amidst the glittering maze, that a similar fate could befall us as well

Stopping someone who seems to be finding his or her way and asking for help would probably result in our discovery they too were once lost, but were led through the maze by a fellow sufferer who previously and successfully traveled this path.

Or, we could let those with experience pass by, choosing instead to try to find our own way through this gridlock of reflections, a decision that is certain to incite a continuous, unending frustration of self-will; the results of which will surely leave the path to freedom obscured from our view.

We invite you to join us as we embark upon a journey into the 12-Step way of life, a journey which begins with physical sobriety and progresses to the next frontier, which is to suggest: emotional sobriety and freedom...freedom from the bondage of self.”

Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier

When going to meetings and not drinking...is simply not enough!

What's Wrong With Me???

I feel separate, different and alone, like I don't fit in, belong, or that I am a part of a greater whole. My emotions vacillate between agitation and excitement; growing, gnawing anxiety; and spiraling depression. I am constantly feeling restless, irritable, and discontent with my life...and that is while I am sober! Why is that?

There IS a Solution!

The “What’s The Point !?!? ~ Twelve Steps to Emotional Sobriety” weekend workshop proffers answers to the question “what’s wrong with me...I’m sober, yet I still feel separate, different, and alone...why is that?” But better yet, he presents insights and suggestions as to how to identify and overcome the spiritual dilemma as it manifests within The ISM Factor, that will start you on or return you to, the road of happy destiny and emotional sobriety...by way of the 12-Step way of life.

Wayne will share 42+ years of sober experience, with 35 as it relates to his life-changing investigation into the history of Bill W’s work with Father Ed Dowling that resulted in the 12-Steps essays as found in A.A.’s “conference approved” book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and his writing of “The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety;” his subsequent taking of the Twelve Steps along those lines, and his one day at a time recovery from The ISM Factor’s Culpable Bedfellows: The Faulty Emotional Dependency Syndrome and Spiritual Depression; and a guiding sponsorship ethos that ultimately led him...to freedom.

We hope to see you at an upcoming workshop!


We love to see the lights come on in the eyes of still suffering alcoholics (and the family members and loved ones of Al Anon) as they identify the depths and nature of the “real” problem, and incur “hope” that is manifest in the information, experience, and solution being disseminated during the course of the weekend workshop.


What's The Point !?!?
Mercy Conference and Retreat Center 2039 North Geyer Road, St. Louis
April 1, 2 & 3, 2022


Workshop Materials

Author’s Note: In pursuit and development of Emotional Sobriety, the following workshop materials have been designed to highlight The ISM Factor, The Faulty Emotional Dependency Syndrome, and Spiritual Depression -- in Alcoholism, and other ISM-Affliction conditions -- and to include them in the Twelve Steps recovery process. These materials are intended to be used IN SUPPORT OF but NOT IN PLACE OF, any 12-Step program’s “approved” literature.

Home Edition ~ 126 Pages
Read Online
The new & revised 2020 Home Edition of the What’s The Point !?!? ~ 12-Steps to Emotional Sobriety Workshop notes-book compendium contains Wayne’s notes, illustrations, and step-worksheets that he typically discusses during the course of a What’s The Point !?!? ~ 12-Steps to Emotional Sobriety Workshop.
Step 11: Day by Day w/ The Prayer of St. Francis
A 31 day Journal of Morning Prayer & Meditation
with Evening Review
Read Online
2021 SFP Monthly Cover New 1
A 31 day Journal with 86 pages of POD's, Spot Check Inventories, Daily Balance Sheets and Review Notes.
Travel Edition ~ 126 Pages
The new & revised 2020 Travel Edition of the What’s The Point !?!? ~ 12-Steps to Emotional Sobriety Workshop notes-book compendium contains Wayne’s notes, illustrations, and worksheets that he typically uses and discusses during the course of a What’s The Point !?!? ~ 12-Steps to Emotional Sobriety Workshop.
Step 4 RFS Worksheets
WTP Step 4 worksheets Cover New
Details Coming Soon...
Step 8 Worksheets
Home Edition Step 8 worksheets Cover New
Details Coming Soon...
Step 10: R F S Inventory Worksheets
WTP HE Step 10 worksheets Cover New
Details Coming Soon...
Step 10: Old Ideas, Regrets, and Pros & Cons Inventory Worksheets
WTP Supp Cover Old ideas New
Details Coming Soon...
Step 11: Day by Day w/ The Prayer of St. Francis ~ Travel Booklet
2021 SFP Travel Cover website new1
Wayne was asked to share his method of prayer and meditation using the Prayer of St. Francis and the Desiderata. He listened, he heard, and this 40 page booklet is now available to accompany his one and three month daily review and journal booklets.
Step 11: Day by Day w/ The Prayer of St. Francis
A 90 day Journal of Morning Prayer & Meditation
with Evening Review
2021 SFP Qrly Revised Cover New1
A 90 day Journal with 228 pages of POD's, Spot Check Inventories, Daily Balance Sheets and Review Notes.

Life’s in Session

Introducing Life’s in Session, “The game that expresses the essence of 12-Step recovery ... as you play.”

We have posted herein two audio files to introduce you to this one-of-a-kind, fascinating, informative, and fun Twelve-Step family board game.

In audio #1, posted below the box top image, the author shares the backstory highlighting the making of Life’s in Session. In audio #2, posted below the gameboard image, he shares an overview of the rules for play along with nuance related to the spaces on the board as they relate to 12-Step recovery captured within the rules and play.

Life's in Session Box Top

Audio #1 -- Life's in Session: From Concept to Completion

Life's in Session Board Game

Audio #2 -- Life's in Session: Introduction to Rules for Play


There are over 200 programs utilizing A.A.’s Twelve Steps in their recovery process. Life’s in Session© is a one-of-a-kind educational family board game created to introduce family, friends, and loved ones of/or someone afflicted with or affected by an ISM-Affliction condition, to the language and actions of 12-Step recovery. Play of Life’s in Session© does not constitute the actual taking of or practicing of the 12 Steps of recovery, and is not intended to take the place of or to be a substitute for the 12 Steps or the actual practical application of the work required to recover in a 12-Step program.

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